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UPDATE  (9/24/2009)

Aftershock 1.1 is now available! Do you have any more feature requests for version 1.2? Please e-mail us and let us know!

The biggest new features are:
  • Ability to play "multishape" on every game mode!
  • Replacing the "multishape" mode with a new one, "Panic"!
  • Saving your state: If you get a phone call at level 10, now you don't lose all your progress!
  • And more!! (see the complete list of build notes here)
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Looking for a fun and addicting game that you can pick up and play at a moment's notice? Look no further, Aftershock has arrived!

If you've ever played Chain Reaction on Facebook, Boomshine on your PC, or even iChainLife or Sneezies on the iPhone, then you know how many hours of entertainment that are in store for you with Aftershock!

Aftershock is easy and enjoyable for players of all ages and skill levels.

The purpose of the game is to explode as many shapes as possible. You will only get one shot at igniting the initial explosion. From that point on, you watch and hope that there is a large enough chain reaction to clear enough shapes to pass the level.

To kick it off, all you have to do is touch the screen. The initial explosion will begin and any nearby shapes that are swallowed up by your explosion will themselves explode. This will continue until either all shapes are cleared or all explosions have died off.

Compete online by posting your high scores to the app website. Global high scores are available to view either in the game or you can view it on the game website.

Aftershock comes with 2 game modes. A minimal in-app purchase will provide you with 3 additional game modes and a sound effects editor which allows you to record your own sounds to be used in the game.

Feature Requests
Please select the top feature that
you'd like to see built into
Aftershock next!
 Community Forums

 Individual High Score Stats
       (personal accounts, compare
       against friends, etc

 Additional Game Modes
       (Endless/endurance, more
       shape types, "bad" shapes,
       obstructions, etc

 Theme Sets
       (Themes would change all
       graphics & sounds to be funny,
       cute, scary, or fit a holiday

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Aftershock was built using cocos2d, Chipmunk, and CocosDenshion.

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